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By Laurie R. King

Genre: Mystery
Picked by: terran
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Staff Review:

At the beginning of Folly, we find Rae Newborn, celebrated wood sculptor, being left alone on Sanctuary, an island off of the Washington coast. Rae has lost her husband and young daughter in a horrific car crash that also left her wounded and battling severe depression and paranoia. In a last attempt to regain control of her life, Rae puts her mind and body to work rebuilding an old cabin with mysterious stone towers that her great-uncle had built on the island, and that had burned down under mysterious circumstances. Will the process help her regain her life and help her work out her grief and climb out of depression, or will the solitude drive her even closer to the edge of insanity? Or, are the voices she hears and The Watchers she feels staring at her from the darkness actually real? Rae is such a fully developed character that I feel like she is someone I know, and I think most readers will relate to her and understand her, even if they might not make the same decisions.