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By Chuck Palahniuk

Genre: Fiction
Picked by: acorbitt
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Staff Review:

Subtitle: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey

Easter hand grenades, swarms of stinging bees, and rabid animal bites were only a few of the ways the infamous Rant Casey liked to spend his time. Much of Casey’s life and actions were told through the eyes of others, telling the fascinating story of a serial killer. Rant Casey was one man that the town of Middleton, rather, the country, would not soon forget. After he has left the town, Palahniuk takes you back to Middleton to hear Casey’s old friends, neighbors, teachers, and relatives’ points of view on his history. Though the story is told in pieces (random memories from various people), it is still very effective at getting his point across and telling the story that he wanted to tell. In many ways, the variety of narration in Rant gives a whole new point to the story, and gives the reader another plot to follow along with other than the main character’s. I always enjoy Chuck’s books—hope you will also!