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Are the Libraries Getting New Computers?

Yes. Computers have already been replaced at Forest Park, Riverdale and Headquarters. In the coming months, we will replace the public computers at Jonesboro, Lovejoy and Morrow libraries as well.

We added 10 new public computers at Riverdale and are finishing up a new computer lab with 20 workstations at Headquarters.

The public computers are all brand new and are part of a library SPLOST project in partnership with the Clayton County Department of Information Technology. These new computers have 22 inch monitors and are thin clients.

Thin clients are devices without a hard drive that rely on network connectivity and increased server capacity to provide a desktop computing experience. Using this technology will allow us to centralize our public computing power in the county data center, reduce down time for maintenance and cost, reduce computer replacement needs for the foreseeable future, eliminate many hardware failure issues, and conserve power.