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Do you have copies of the Clayton County Schools' Accelerated Reading (AR) Lists?

Most of the Clayton County Schools post their AR lists online through a service called Read The Books. The library links to these AR lists on our Clayton Kids' Accelerated Reading page.

Some of the libraries also have print copies of the AR lists for the nearby schools.

Information for School Media Specialists:

If you are a School Media Specialist and wish to upload your school's AR list to, please export your list using the instructions below. charges a $30 processing fee for this service which can be remitted to:

Read the Books LLC
Attn: Laurie Steele
395A South Hwy 65, #286
Lincoln, CA 95648

How to Export and Submit Your School's AR List:

  1. Open the AR Management program.
  2. Click the School button.
  3. Click the Quizzes button.
  4. Click on the Reading Practice Quizzes tab.
  5. Sort the quizzes in the order you would like to have them appear. Alphabetically by title is recommended.
  6. Select the quizzes you would like to export as a list.
  7. Go to the gray menu bar where it says Quizzes—Click for the popup menu.
  8. Click on Export HTML Quiz List.
  9. Name and save the list where you can find it later. Saving to the desktop is recommended.
  10. Email the saved file as an attachment to Laurie Steele (

Additional technical support is available at


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