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Web Tools and Widgets

These are some free and useful online or downloadable tools can help you keep track of your life and express your creativity.


Use these sites to keep track of your personal library, what you've read, what you'd like to read, and what your friends are reading.

web GoodReads
Keep track of what you've read, form online book clubs, collect your favorite quotes.

web LibraryThing
Keep track of all of your books and share recommendations with your friends.

web Shelfari
A social network for people who love books - create a virtual bookshelf and see what your friends are reading.


web Amortization Calculator
Want to figure out if your budget can handle a new car payment or any other large purchase? Enter the total cost, the interest rate, and the number of years you will have to pay it off in this handy online form and it will calculate your payments.


Free tools for graphics, video, and audio.

web Audacity
A free, downloadable audio editor for recording, slicing, and mixing audio.

web FotoFlexer
A free, online photo editor that allows you to add text, use layers, and add special effects. Requires the latest version of Adobe Flash.

web GIMP
A free, downloadable graphics editor with most of the capabilities of Photoshop.

web ImageChef
Customize photos or clip art. Use Word Mosaic to shape your words into designs (similar to Wordle), or use Poetry Blender to give your text some animated punch.

web Microsoft Photo Story
A free download from Microsoft that allows you to create slideshows using your digital photos, touch up or crop the photos, add special effects and narration, and add picture captions.

web Photosynth
Photosynth takes your photos, mashes them together and creates a 3-D scene that anyone can view and move around in. (If you don't have Microsoft Silverlight installed, it will automatically install it before you can view the samples.)

web PicMonkey
Edit, crop, and resize your photos through this website for free without having to register or download anything! You can also add filters to adjust the color levels and contrast, make your photo have rounded edges, apply textures, add text overlays, and more.

web rsizr
Another web-based tool to crop and resize your photos without having to register or download anything.

Online Safety

web AVG
A free, downloadable antivirus and antispyware program.

web Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
A free, downloadable tool that to clean spyware and malware off of your computer.

web Spybot Search & Destroy
Free, downloadable software to protect yourself against spyware.


web 43 Things
A social networking site where users create accounts and then share lists of goals and hopes.

web Delicious
If you store your favorite sites to Delicious instead of your web browser's Favorites list, you'll be able to access them from anywhere.

web Diigo
Collect and organize anything on a free web account - web sites, notes, screenshots, pictures, music... also available for Android and iPhone!

web Doodle
Need an easy way to help figure out what kind of pizza to order for your birthday party? How about what time is best for your band to get together and practice? Doodle is an easy, free tool to help you pick times to schedule events or make choices.

web Ninite
Free tool to install or update multiple applications at once. Select from a wide variety of freely downloadable applications and tools from different sites (Firefox, Skype, Adobe Reader, iTunes, Spotify, Flash, Picasa, Malwarebytes, AVG, Dropbox, etc.), click a button, and the tool does the rest for you!

web Remember The Milk
Having trouble keeping track of all of the things you need to do? This site lets you create to-do lists for yourself, categorize them (homework assignments, chores, fun, etc.), and assign due dates and priorities. Best of all, you can access it from anywhere, so you don't have to keep track of any pieces of paper!

web Ta-da Lists
An easy and fast web-based to-do list maker.

Web Design

web Google Sites
Another free offering from Google - this one allows you to easily create your own websites based on their templates. No coding or downloads required!

web Wetpaint
Like Google Sites, Wetpaint also lets you create your own website for free.

web WordPress
Want to set up a blog quickly, easily, and for free? WordPress makes it extremely easy.

Widgets for Web Sites and Blogs

web PollCode
Create free polls to add to your website or blog. No downloads or registration required.

web Wordle
Type in a bunch of related words and generate cool word clouds.

Word Processing and Other Office/Homework Tools

web A.nnotate
A really useful web-based collaboration tool for group projects. Simply upload a document and send a link to the people on your team, and everyone can read it and add comments to it at the same time.

Use this site to shorten URLs so that you can add them to Twitter posts, emails, flyers, etc.

web CutePDF
Free software to create PDF files from any of your documents.

web Google Docs
Don't have access to Microsoft Office? Google Docs provides free online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. No downloads required, you can store your documents on the site, and you can even export those documents to Word or Excel format if you need to.

web OpenOffice
Free, downloadable program that has most of the capabilities of Microsoft Office.

Key to Item Types:

icon for attachment Attachment
icon for book Book
icon for range or group of books Book Section / Call Number Range
icon for reference books Book - Reference Use Only
icon for galileo database Online Database Available Through GALILEO - Password Required
icon for library database Online Database Available Through the Library - Clayton County Library Card Required
icon for a web site Web Site
icon for another type of resource Other Type of Resource