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Are you interested in reading important literature from around the world and throughout history? Are you heading off to college and want to be prepared? Check out these sites for reading recommendations. If you are still having trouble choosing something, feel free to contact us for advice.

100 Ivy-League Literature Courses You Can Take for Free at Home
Links to free online courses from MIT, the University of Oxford, Stanford, and other colleges on Shakespeare, Medieval Literature, Classical Literature, American Literature, Women Writers, Chinese Literature, Science Fiction, and more.

Ever wished your English teachers would condense those classic novels into a few simple sentences? Here is the site for you! (Warning: Most teachers won't accept these versions for homework assignments!)

Get classic novels and poems for free online!

This is an online service provided by the library which has lots of classic novels in audiobook and ebook format. You don't have to have an ebook reader to read them, you can read them through any computer or even a smartphone!

College-Bound Reading Lists

Several different web pages with great lists of important novels, plays, and poetry to help you expand your mind and prepare yourself for college.

Great Books Index
This site lists important authors from throughout history (Homer, Archimedes, Shakespeare, George Orwell, etc.) and in many cases provides links to the writing so that you can read it online.