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Best Friends Forever?
By Angela Shelf Medearis

Reviewed by Toni D., age 13

"Where's the real Sharie?" Sharie hasn't been herself lately. Her annoying baby sister wakes her up in the middle of the night, her grades are dropping, and she feels she is always blamed for everything since her new babysister was born. Marcy, Sharie's little 1 year old sis, sleeps in Sharie's room in a crib; which means no privacy for Sharie. When Marcy's not EATING SHARIE'S HOMEWORK, or tearing up Sharie's letters, she acts like the cute innocent baby her parents love and feel can do no harm. Not to mention Sharie feels her older sister, Sandra, seems to be little miss perfect; Sandra is not only 8th grade Class President, but an all A student! Sharie feels like she can never compare to either of her sisters and starts to feel left out. But, when Sharie's bff, Hannah, seems to move on and find a new and cooler bff, Sharie feels more left out than EVER! Will Sharie find her real self and the way to win back Hannah's friendship? Find o...

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