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Daughters of the moon 3 night shade
By Lynne Ewing

Reviewed by MerahN, age 11

Daughters of the moon 3 night shade was very interesting. It was like a mystery book with adventure and romance something for every body. Jimena is the main character in the story. Jimena is not one of your average girls she is a daughter of the moon with a special power to see the future. Now don't think that this is just some super power book it is much more. Jimena is not the type to be messed with she used to be in a gang she was sent to a camp for bad kids ones or twice. All though she is no longer in a gang she is still feared by many. One day every thing got messed up because...her once love Veto all the sudden appears. Now this isn't just a quiescence because Veto died a year ago. He was killed by a rival gang. Then Jimena finds out that he made a devil's bargain that can kill them. Now I am not about to tell you what happens so you will have to read the book and find out.

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