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Lord of the Flies
By William Golding

Reviewed by Marlea T., age 16

Picture this : a war is going on and you happen to be on a plane that crashes. You get off and realize your on a deserted island and there's nothing but kids that survived the plane crash . No teens , young adults, adults, no body . No one to tell you what to do , when to do it , or how to do it . Sounds fun right ? The children thought so too . The chief Ralph and his friend Piggy think its best to keep a fire going in case a ship goes along the shore and rescues them. But Jack who has a need for power and has become obssesed with hunting and killing pigs - tries to become the chief and take over Ralph. The children spilt into two groups Ralph and Piggy with the twins Samn'Eric , and Jack with everyone else . In this book theres alot of talk about a "beast" who lives on the island . However this book has a deeper meaning if you read between the lines , you can see the author is trying to tell us that the beast lives inside us . This no...

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