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He's With Me
By Tamara Summers

Reviewed by Toni D., age 13

AHHHHH! Lexi Willis' life is changing s-o-o much she could scream! Could things get any worse for Lexi? When Mrs. Willis tells Lexi she is going to Summerlodge for tennis camp during the summer, Lexi's world turns upside-down. Not only does she not know how to play tennis, but her twin brother, Collin, can't go to camp with her! Lexi and Collin have been close since.... well forever! But, it seems as if Collin is keeping a secret from her; he won't tell her why he can't come to Summerlodge! This causes Lexi to feel more confused than ever! But lucky for her, Jake, Lexi and Collin's friend (as well as Lexi's secret crush), is going to Summerlodge; he also needs their help. Bree, the most snobby and popular girl at school, is going to Summerlodge and wants to date Jake. Jake doesn't know what to do! He can't tell her no; NO ONE TELLS BREE NO. Just when they thought all possible ways of turning Bree down were impossible, a plan is hatched...

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