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By Cornelia Funke

Reviewed by Krystain B., age 14

“Does your father often read out aloud to you, Meggie?” asked Dustfinger. What’s the worst that can happen when you’re given the ability to bring characters from a book to life – literally? For Meggie’s father Mo it brought out a villain beyond this world name Capricorn. This gift is known as Silver-Tongued and to Mo, it’s considered a curse. Now after years of running the villain has finally began to catch up with Mo and his daughter Meggie as he intends on taking over the world. Only as the story unfolds Meggie learns of her father’s secret and one that would reveal the incident of her mother’s death, while traveling along with an old friend Dustfinger. Inkheart holds a gift all readers would want to have, but soon will learn the downfall of such ability, leaving this to be one story all readers can enjoy.

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