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"Revenge of the Wannabes" The Clique Series book #3
By Lisi Harrison

Reviewed by Toni D., age 13

Things can happen in a blink of an eye. This popular saying becomes a reality for Massie Block, head of the most popular clique at Octavian Country Day School, the Pretty Committee. Massie starts to notice a change in her best friend, Alicia Rivera, when she left the Pretty Committee (PC) at Massie's Halloween party to hang with a pretty girl named Olivia in "Best Friends For Never" book #2. More and more Alicia and Olivia hang out; they even join forces in a cheating scandal against the PC in a uniform contest. Soon Alicia gets the desire to start her own clique and decides to throw a sleepover behind Massie's back at her house. When Massie finds out, Alicia is put out of the Pretty Committee. When Alicia tries to steal Kristen, Dylan, and Claire from Massie's clique, tons of drama starts and lots of the truth comes out. What secrets get revealed? Will Alicia win? Will Alicia go back to the PC? FIND OUT IN THE BOOK!

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