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"Best Friends For Never" the Clique Series book #2
By Lisi Harrison

Reviewed by Toni D., age 13

Halloween is in the air in Westchester, NY where Massie Block, the main character, is the most popular girl at OCD, Octavian Country Day school and the leader of the school's most popular clique, The Pretty Committee. But when an LBR (as Massie says), loser beyond-repair, named Claire who wants to fit in with the Pretty Committee moves into the Blocks' estate guesthouse, Massie makes sure that all the Pretty Commitee members: Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen, know that she is not Pretty Committee material. In the meanwhile, Massie has been dying to throw the coolest Halloween party in all of town, but when her parents decide she can only do the party if Claire is involved in the party planning, things heat up in the Blocks estate. Will Claire get "IN" to the clique or crumble in Massie's wrath and stay a LBR? Can Massie pull off the halloween party? Want to know more about all the Pretty Committee drama? FIND OUT IN THE BOOK

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