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Death's Shadow
By Darren Shan

Reviewed by Tiffany B., age 17

The book starts out on a partial somber note, with the newest character Bec's point of view. Though her soul has been alive for the last couple hundred years, this is the first time she's had a body and been out of the cave to see the world. It's both fascinating and amusing to see our world thru her eyes, yet heartbreaking how the now grieving Dervish treats her. Not long after the action quickly starts with an attack by werewolves and gunman. From then on it's a downward drop of darker attacks, old enemies and an encounter with the biggest and worst threat to all mankind. And i'm not talking about Lord Loss. This is one page turner that will leave your heart pounding and unsure of a happy ending for the eseries. If you've never read the Demonata series and you like action, demon fighting, magic and werewolves that attack instead of seduce, then this is one that you may want to check out.

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