teens of clayton county
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what are clayton county teens reading?

Want to know what your friends are reading? The book recommendations on this page are all written by other Clayton County teens. Click here to post your own book recommendation!

13 Reasons Why

By Jay Asher

This book was amazing. It was so dynamic and the character development was exceptional! The author told the story through dual narrators and tastefully addressed a sore topic in this society. The book revolved around a girl who committed suicide named Hannah Baker. Hannah recorded 7 cassette tapes before she died ; these tapes opened up a whole new world. The tapes held the secrets of 13 people and they reveled the reasons Hannah decided to end her own life. Clay ends up on the tapes and he's astounded that he could have possibly done anything wrong to the girl he had liked for so long. I recommend this book to anyone who simply likes a good story.   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Gavonta Victoria , age 17

The Chronicles of Vadimir Tod

By Heather Brewer

I find the plot to be very dymanic and I am in love with the main charcter! At first I didn't know he was a vampire until he started explaining his life. His crush on Merditha is so cute and his friend Henery is very loyal. You should read it.   Get this book!

~ Recommended by tonya c , age 14

Daughters of the moon 4 The secret scroll

By Lynne Ewing

Daughters of the moon the secret scroll was very interesting. It is a mystery. It has some twist in the book that makes it interesting. Catty is the main character in Daughters of the moon the secret scroll. Catty is a daughter of the moon with a special power to time travel. Catty has all way wanted to find out more about her mother. All though she has the power to time travel she doesn't have enough power to getting stuck in a time tunnel. So she hasn't ben able to go and see her until she figures it out. She is given a secret scroll that can destroy the Axtron ( a evil source ). Will she destroy the secret scroll or the Axtron?   Get this book!

~ Recommended by MerahN , age 11

No Way Out

By Peggy Kern

It is an amazing book. Bluford freshman Harold Davis is trapped and needs help. His grandmother sick and the social worker plans to take him to a foster home. He is trapped in a world of worries.Tired of worrying and ready to help pay his grandmother medical bills. He agrees to work for Londell James, the neighborhood drug dealer. He had a job at SuperFoods, but he quit. Now he is thinking how ashamed his grandmother would be. The drug dealers have cause a negative effect in the neighborhood, and he is one of them. After seeing the world he enter into, he wants to get out of it. Now he goes to Londell James and said I can not do this anymore. A fight broke out, Harold needs help. Mr.Harris,a person who lives down the hall, stop Londell. Londell is behind bars, and Harold is finally free of the crime he was in. This book should be Nominated for Book of the Year.   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Dairus , age 14

The trumpet of the swan

By E.B. White

I think this book is a eye opener. It shows you how to keep going, to keep trying, and never give up. The swan could not trumpet to catch his loves attention but he keeps trying. He keeps his head up and he figured out how. This book makes you think. Some parts are funny.   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Serenity j. , age 13

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