teens of clayton county
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what are clayton county teens reading?

Want to know what your friends are reading? The book recommendations on this page are all written by other Clayton County teens. Click here to post your own book recommendation!

Battle Field Of the Mind For Teens

By Joyce Meyers

Battle Field of the Mind for Teens is a guide for all young teen believers in Christ. Joyce Meyers breaks down the fundamentals of renewing your mind to line up with God's word. Giving them key information on what they should or shouldn't let rule their life. Teaching how great decision making that aligns with God's word can get you farther in life. So if you are a believer and you need to learn about the renewal of your mind and how to prevent the devil from controlling your way of life this book is right for you!!!   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Krystain B. , age 14

The Catcher in the Rye

By J. D. Salinger

Holden Caulfield's life seems to be spiraling out of control! At the age of 16, Holden has had to deal with a lot of life's experiences. Being kicked out of Pencey Prep, a prestigious private boarding school, after he flunks all his courses (except English), is only the beginning for Holden. After Holden's roommate dates the one and only girl he truly loves, Jane Gallagher, he's so outraged he decides to leave Pencey early, 4 days before Christmas break (after the break, he'd never return to Pencey). But, of course, Holden can't go home to his parents yet! They'd "kill him" if he went home and told them he was kicked out of the school; Holden wanted to wait until his parents got a phone call from Pencey, informing them of what had happened, so they would be a TAD bit calmer. So, in the meanwhile, Holden sets out for the "Big Apple", New York City his hometown, with enough "dough" to buy him a hotel room, a couple drinks to get him drunken, some cigars, a couple telephone calls with the local pay phone, and even some hotel room company if he desired! Although, while he's their in NY, he analyzes life and his likes/dislikes as he sees himself as a "catcher in the rye". Will Holden be able to handle himself out in the big city and stay sober? Will he freeze in the icy New York weather or have a nervous breakdown? Will he see Jane again? Will Holden run away and start a life out West? Will his family find him in New York? FIND OUT IN THE BOOK   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Toni D. , age 14

Fame, Glory, and Other Things On My To Do List

By Janette Rallison

“Fame, Glory, and Other things on my to-do list” is one of your average teenage romantic comedy books. The book is full of fun and laughter for the readers to enjoy. The book does, however, involve conflicts between the two main characters, Jessica and Jordan Hunter. For starters, Jessica learns that Jordan is the son of famous actor Christopher Hunter. Promising to keep his secret, the two begin to grow a close friendship and later, something more. However, their friendship, and later a relationship, starts to crumble when Jessica mistakably exposes Jordan’s secret. Of course there’s also the drama between Jordan’s parents as Jordan struggles to reunite them together. Let’s not also forget the romance and few kisses the two characters share. Above all, this book is one that all readers will want to read and enjoy.   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Autumn B. , age 15


By Cornelia Funke

“Does your father often read out aloud to you, Meggie?” asked Dustfinger. What’s the worst that can happen when you’re given the ability to bring characters from a book to life – literally? For Meggie’s father Mo it brought out a villain beyond this world name Capricorn. This gift is known as Silver-Tongued and to Mo, it’s considered a curse. Now after years of running the villain has finally began to catch up with Mo and his daughter Meggie as he intends on taking over the world. Only as the story unfolds Meggie learns of her father’s secret and one that would reveal the incident of her mother’s death, while traveling along with an old friend Dustfinger. Inkheart holds a gift all readers would want to have, but soon will learn the downfall of such ability, leaving this to be one story all readers can enjoy.   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Krystain B. , age 14

I Am Number Four

By Pittacus Lore

“I am number four” They act like humans, they look like humans, but the things there are capable of are far beyond human. Their kind is known as Gardes, in the beginning there were nine who came to earth with their protectors known as Cepans. The reason--- their planet was destroyed and they had only one mission in mind now; travel to earth, train and prepare for an epic battle to restore their planet. As the book begins to unfold the battle has already begun as their enemies close in on their location. Numbers One, two and three have been killed and now they’re coming for Number Four. This book has everything a teen can look forward to a new hero fantasy Read It!!!   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Krystain B. , age 14

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