teens of clayton county
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what are clayton county teens reading?

Want to know what your friends are reading? The book recommendations on this page are all written by other Clayton County teens. Click here to post your own book recommendation!


By Jerry Spinelli

I liked that the book was about a girl who was very different from other kids her school.   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Equqecia D. , age 13

"Dial L For Loser" the Clique Series book #6

By Lisi Harrison

Goodbye Westchester! Hello Hollywood! The Pretty Committee (PC), the most popular girls at Octavian Country Day (OCD) School, take off to Hollywood! Massie (PC leader), Alicia (PC's second in command), and Claire (PC's new girl) answer destiny's call when PC member, Dylan Marvil, invites them to come to her mother's television show, "The Daily Grind." They are invited to appear on the television set to meet Hadley Durk and Abby Boyd, the future stars of the "Dial L For Loser" movie. When Hadley calls it quits after finding out Abby is cheating with her boyfriend, the movie director invites Massie, Alicia, and Claire to come to Hollywood to try out for Hadley's former lead role. But who will get the part? How will the runner ups take it? What about all the drama that goes on in Westchester, NY? FIND OUT IN THE BOOK.   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Toni D. , age 13

The Last Christian

By David Gregory

its an amazing book. it takes place in 2088. its about this woman who escaped from the jungle where the rest of her village died from a disease. she got a message from her grandfather to go to america. when she got there she found out that Christianity was wiped out entirely as a religion. so she gives herself a mission to reintroduce Christianity to Americans. little did she know they were creating a way for humans to live forever by transforming there brain into silicon. but this would cut off their connection with god entirely forever. she must find a way to convince Americans that living with god forever is living forever. i strongly recommend this book to anyone its truly amazing   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Gavonta' Z , age 14

The Cliqque Series: "Invasion Of The Boy Snatchers" book#4

By Lisi Harrison

The coolest girls at OCD (Octavian Country Day) school, known as "The Pretty Committee (PC)," are having an awesome time! A new juice bar opens at their school, and Alicia Rivera rejoins the PC - everything seems like peaches n' cream.... until Alicia's cousin, Nina, from Spain, shows up. Nina threatens Massie's (PC leader) leadership and popularity at the school. Not only is Nina turning heads at OCD with her clothing and confidence, she is slowing stealing Massie's PC friends, like Dylan and Kristen. Plus, she is is flirting with the PC's crushes! Nina is not only bad news for the PC, she is bad news for the school. When the PC finds out she is stealing many of the students' possessions, it is up to them to stop her and bring JUSTICE! But, will they do it? Will Nina get away with the PC's friends, crushes, and possessions? FIND OUT IN THE BOOK.   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Toni D. , age 13

"Pretty Committee Strikes Back" The Clique series book#5

By Lisi Harrison

DRAMA! When Octavian Country Day (OCD) School students go on a class trip, each member of the Pretty Committee (PC), the coolest girls at OCD, has a secret or some personal drama. Massie, the PC's head alpha, lied about having kissing experience in order to hold a kissing clinic. She did this to raise money for her friend, Kristen, a member of the PC. No one except the PC knows Kristen's family couldn't afford the trip fees. Will the girls of the clinic believe Massie or ask for refunds? Alicia, the second command of the PC, has a crush on Josh Hotz but knows he has his eyes on someone else.... but who? Will this reveal another one of Massie's friends, Claire's, terrible secret of kissing Josh in book #4 "Invasion of the Boy Snatchers"? And last but not least Dylan, PC's diet obsessed diva, is dieing of embarrasment. Her famous mother, Merri-Lee, and her teacher are flirting openly in front of the whole school. What will come of this? Will all the PC members be able to resolve the drama? FIND OUT IN THE BOOK   Get this book!

~ Recommended by Toni D. , age 13

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