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Want to Learn a Language?

Having trouble in your French class? Planning a trip to Japan? You can now learn a language for free through the library by using Mango!

Mango is an online learning language system that can help you learn Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, or English (for Spanish Speakers). Mango will teach you vocabulary and grammar, play recordings to help you understand the pronunciation, and even record your own voice so that you can compare it.

Start Learning Now!

Watch a Video to See How Mango Works!

Guess Who's In the Newspaper?

The Jimi Hendrix Watercolor class at the Forest Park branch in July was featured in the Clayton News Daily! Were you there? Read the article and see if you were mentioned! Do you like to paint or draw? We'd love to see your work and post it on the TCC Gallery pages!

Read the News Daily Article

Submit Your Art to the TCC Gallery

Have you seen Eclipse yet?

If you have seen Eclipse, the newest Twilight movie, and are foaming at the mouth for more of Edward, Jacob, Bella, or which ever vamp or wolfie floats your boat-check out the Twilight Graphic Novel! 

The graphic novel takes us back to the beginning. Back to when Bella leaves Phoenix and makes her way to Forks where she meets the mysterious Edward Cullen.

Okay. So I have to admit, I am a fan of the books.  The movies? Eh, I could take or leave them. I was skeptical of the graphic novel, thinking it would be too much like the movies. WOW! Was I wrong! The artwork by Young Kim is absolutely breathtaking! It is beautiful, and the story adaptation is spot on for what should be included. 

So, if you're waiting to see Eclipse, or waiting for Breaking Dawn, check out a copy.


Window Murals @ Forest Park

Check out these amazing window murals painted by our very own Amanda Corbitt at the Forest Park branch to go along with the Summer Reading Program!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

express yourself!

Do you like to draw / paint / write / take photographs / write poetry / make music / build things? Did you know that you can submit your work to be considered for the TCC Gallery, so it could be seen on this website?

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