teens of clayton county
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movies / tv / online video

Aint It Cool News
A great site dedicated to rumors and reviews of current and upcoming movies and TV shows, mostly relating to science fiction, horror, and movies based on comics.

A social networking site allowing users to share movie ratings and discover new movies.

Hulu has a selection of TV shows (new and old) that you can watch for free online.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
A huge online database of movie and television information, from cast members to writers to producers. Have a favorite actor? Find out every movie he or she has been in, every guest appearance on a TV show, and all about that early soap opera career they don't like to mention.

TV Guide Listings
Want to find out what's on TV?

You've probably watched all kinds of funny videos on YouTube, but did you know that you can also learn how to do things by watching YouTube videos? Try searching for "how to" and the keyword(s) for whatever you want to learn. There are videos from everything such as how to color your eyebrows to how to change a tire. You can even watch Videos of Library Events!