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tcc reviews: comics, manga, and graphic novels

Want to know what comics your friends are reading? The reviews on this page are all written by other Clayton County teens. Submit your own review!

You can also learn more about manga, get recommendations for great graphic novels, and more, on the books 4 teens page.

Things Fall Apart

We had to read this book for school and i figured it would just be a book I had to read , but this book is definitely in my top 10 favorite books of all time. It choronicals the life of an African man and a village. It ultimately demonstrates what can happen when things fall apart and you stray from your values. This book is truly a master piece.   more info...

~ Reviewed by Gavonta' Victoria , age 16

Animal Farm

This book was astonishingly brilliant. Considering the time it was written in the writer did an amazing job of telling the hard times without blatantly describing details. I strongly recommend this book to anyone.   more info...

~ Reviewed by Gavonta' Victoria , age 16

Bag of Bones

'bag of bones is my all time FAVERITE book stephen king truely outdid himself i loved it i would recommend it to everyone its so real and true but also the suspense that stepthen king always has

(Get Bag of Bones)   more info...

~ Reviewed by Gavonta Zanders , age 14