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fun web sites

Games and Things

Trace Effects
Games, quizzes, and activities to help teens around the world learn about American culture.

Ze Frank
A site full of cute online games, fascinating interactive toys, and hilarious videos.

How to Do Stuff

Common Craft
This site has short videos that explain all sorts of complex topics in really simple terms. Want to understand cloud computing? Or borrowing money? Or compact fluorescent light bulbs? Common Craft has a video for it!

How Stuff Works
The lowdown on th workings of everything from refrigerators to cell phones to cookies to car engines.

Simple instructions and photos on how to do everything from making your own soap to making a Doctor Who birthday cake to building a climbing wall in your garage.

Make Your Own Avatars

Blockhead Iconizer
Create a Lego-esque picture of yourself.

Build Your Wild Self
This one allows you to change yourself to have animal arms, legs, and features!

Create Your Own Superhero
What's your superhero alterego? Brought to you by Marvel Comics.

Face Your Manga
Create your own cartoon portrait. This is the site we used for the avatars on the staff page. When we tested it out, the email function at the end wasn't working though, so we had to take screen shots to get our images.

The Simpsomaker
Create a Simpsons-like avatar. This one doesn't have a lot of options, but it's quick and easy.

This one creates a head-to-toe version of yourself and you have more options for backgrounds and props.