teens of clayton county
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gallery: art

All of this artwork was created and contributed by Clayton County teens like yourself. Click on each picture below to view a larger version and learn more about it. Want to share your artwork, writing, video editing, or other creative work? Learn how!

Elizabeth Taylor by Zaria, age 12 'Elizabeth Taylor' by Zaria Eye Of the Dragon by FFcrazy15, age 15 'Eye Of the Dragon' by FFcrazy15 Face by Zion, age 13 'Face' by Zion
Am I a Psycho? by Frosty 'Am I a Psycho?' by Frosty Telil by Frosty 'Telil' by Frosty Mutants Only by Frosty 'Mutants Only' by Frosty
Sasuke by Frosty 'Sasuke' by Frosty Gaara's Happy Movements by Frosty 'Gaara's Happy Movements' by Frosty Dragon Tail by Curtrell 'Dragon Tail' by Curtrell
Electric by Curtrell 'Electric' by Curtrell Fire Dragon by Curtrell 'Fire Dragon' by Curtrell Janie by Curtrell 'Janie' by Curtrell
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