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gallery: submit your work!


Are you an artist / poet / photographer / musician / filmmaker / fashion designer / all-around creative person who wants to show off your skills to other Clayton County teens? Use the form on this page to submit your work to the TCC Gallery. You can submit your work one of these ways:

  • Upload a graphic (.gif, .jpg, or .png files only) or a document (.pdf files only)
  • Include a link to a web page where your work is posted
  • Type or paste the "embed" code for a YouTube video into the Description field
  • Type your haiku or other very short piece of writing into the Description field

If you are unable to submit your work any of these ways, you can contact Terran McCanna ( terran@claytonpl.org or 770-473-3850) to explain what you have and she will try to help you, or you can ask the Youth Services Librarian or Assistant at your branch for assistance. Once your work is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Youth Services staff - if it is accepted, it will be posted in the website's gallery!

submittal form

Your Name
(This can be your first name, initials, nickname, or Anonymous.)
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Contact Info
(Contact info won't show up on the website - it is only for use by the library staff. It can be your library card number, your email address, or a phone number. We will only contact you if we have a question about your work.)
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(The only files that can be uploaded are .gif, .png, .jpg, and .pdf.)
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