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subject guide: science

General Science Resources

Academic Search Complete ( GALILEO password required for home access)
This database has a little bit of everything. It's a good starting point for cross-disciplinary topics.

Brainfuse - Live Online Tutors and Practice Tests
Practice tests and live, online tutoring in science and other popular topics. Assistance is available in both English and Spanish. More Info

Quick & Dirty Tips for Making Sense of Science - Everyday Einstein
Explanations of everything from how pulleys work to why drinking something really cold too fast causes "brain freeze."

Smithsonian: Online Collections and Datasets
The Smithsonian museum has digitized hundreds of thousands of images, videos, sound files, and more from throughout their many collections and put them online. Check out items from the Air and Space Museum, the Astrophysical Observatory, the Encyclopedia of Life, the Natural History Museum, the Archives of American Gardens, and more.

Student Research Center ( GALILEO password required for home access)
A database that allows you to sort results by Lexile reading level.


Biology Online
A wiki including articles, tutorials, a dictionary, and even discussion forums on all sorts of topics related to biology.

Human Anatomy
This subject guide contains recommendations for library books for checkout, reference books in both the adult and juvenile sections, videos, community resources, web sites, suggested search terms, and databases.

OpenStudy: Biology
Free site where you can get help from other students and use your knowledge to help others.


Chem 4 Kids
Basic chemistry information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry - all written in a way that's easy to understand!

The Chemistry Place
Everything related to chemistry - an interactive periodic table, a conversion calculator, a glossary, information on major historical figures and the Nobel Prize, and chemistry science projects for beginners or advanced students.


Please see our separate page on Math.


OpenStudy: Physics
Free site where you can get help from other students and use your knowledge to help others.

Physics 4 Kids
Information on motion, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, light, and other physics topics - all written in an easy-to-understand way.

Science Projects

Science Fair Central
This excellent site is put together by the Discovery Channel and is designed to help you figure out how to design and conduct experiments and present your results. It has tips on creating display boards for science fairs, how to deliver a good oral presentation, things that judges might look for, and more.

Science Project Ideas for Kids
Need an idea for a science project? This site has all kinds of ideas for astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, phyiscs, math, engineering, and more.