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writing resources

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Improve Your Writing Skills

Brainfuse is a service available through the library to Clayton County residents that provides access to online tutors and writing experts for FREE! If you have a paper or essay or story you are working on that you'd like someone to review, upload it to the Brainfuse writing lab. In approximately 24 hours, the writing lab experts will post the paper back to your Brainfuse account with comments and suggestions for you.

Citations and Bibliographies
Online tools to help you create and check the citations, footnotes, and bibliographies for your research papers.

Guide to Grammar & Writing
Need help understanding possessives, predicates, prepositions or pronouns? This guide contains an enormous amount of helpful advice on whatever aspect of grammar or writing you are having trouble with. You can select a topic from any of the drop-down lists or click on the Index button to view a list of all of the topics at once.

Homework Center: Writing Skills
Guidelines for writing just about anything: essays, biographies, book reports, research papers, bibliographies, term papers, letters, and speeches.

How to Write a Good College Essay
Tips on presenting yourself and your interests when writing your college admissions essays.

LEO: Literacy Education Online
Thi site isn't pretty, but it has really useful articles on everything from avoiding plagiarism, making sure your ideas are logical, improving the way your writing sounds, figuring out the different parts of a paper, understanding semicolons, and more.

OpenStudy: Writing
Free site where you can get help from other students and use your knowledge to help others.

Check your grammar and spelling online for free.

Purdue OWL: General Writing Resources and Online Writing Lab for Grades 7-12
Purdue University's guide to writing. Be sure to check out The Writing Process, which covers everything from how to start writing an assignment, to developing an outline, to overcoming writer's block, to proofreading. This wonderful site also contains really useful sections on Grammar and Punctuation.

Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing - Grammar Girl
Easy to understand tips on distinguishing between similar words, how to hyphenate properly, "who" versus "whom" and more!

Free online courses from Brigham Young University.

Tips for Young Writers
Suggestions on things to write about, ideas for experimenting with your writing style, and publishing your work from another writer who has been through it all.

Videos About Writing

Dictionaries and Pronunciations

A fast and simple dictionary.

More links to general and subject-oriented dictionaries.

Look of a word in over 240 different languages and hear how it should be pronounced.

Look up words to hear the correct pronunciations.

Having trouble seeing the difference between two different words? This online dictionary lets you put in two words separated by a comma (for example: there, their) and it will show you both definitions at once.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary
Can't remember the word for something? This site let's you type in a description and it will give you the correct word!

Pronounce (for Firefox)
This add-on for the Firefox browswer lets you select an English word on a web page and it will play an audio clip with the pronunciation.

Find synonyms and antonyms for words.

Writing Poetry

Poetry Self-Evaluation Form
Use this simple form to help you decide if you're ready to share your poem with others.

Write It: Poetry
Develop your own poetry writing style from the beginning where you brainstorm for an idea through the development of the poem and publishing!

Writing With Writers: Poetry Writing
More help with brainstorming for poem ideas and writing your poems from the perspective of another poetry writer.

Express Yourself Through Writing

Submit Your Writing to the TCC Gallery!
Have you written something you would like to share with other Clayton County teens? Submit your work to the TCC Gallery and it might just get posted to this site!

African-American Poetry Scholarships
Information about scholarships that are granted to young African-American poets to continue their writing as well as their education.

The Blue Pencil Online
This site is run by Walnut Hill, an arts-oriented high school in Massachusetts. Teens ages 12-18 from anywhere in the country can submit writing - the faculty will review it and selected some pieces for publication. Students can also apply for the Bishop Prize, which is a scholarship for the school's summer programs.

The Claremont Review
This magazine showcases inspiring young adult writers, generously provides feedback to writers even if they are not selected for publication, and also has an annual fiction and poetry writing contest.

Fiction Writing from About.com
Ignore the ads and scroll down to the "Browse Topic" section on the left for useful articles on writing short stories or novels, getting published, overcoming writing roadblocks, and more.

Ponder Lounge
Cool writing games and contests.

An online magazine written by teens for teens. It includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and even a section for teen reviews of colleges and summer programs.

Teen Lit
The purpose of TeenLit.com is to promote Teen Literacy by providing a forum for teen writers to publish and discuss their writing, and review and discuss books they read.

Working With Writers
Free writing advice from Rodman Philbrick, Virginia Hamilton, Jane Yolen and more!